HELP for my nephew w/ Stage 4 Cancer & my mentally challenged adopted son

Requesting: $300

Location: Long Beach, CA

I was basically homeless during the past 11 months until June 1 2013 my household consist of Myself a 50 year old with COPD & HIV & Chronic Fatigue syndrome & my nephew who is 27 with stage 4 cancer & the 21 year old that isn't related by blood but was on the street & is developmentally challenged so we made him part of our family. We became homeless when my previous landlord of 7 years went into foreclosure and the bank made us move and then I was scammed out of my entire life's saving to rent a house that this person didn't own he took our money and then 2 weeks later we were out on the street. We finally have a house which we moved into but this move has left us penny-less. I need to get my nephew with cancer a bed and I'm trying to get my storage pods delivered which costs $164 and we need food. So basically we are trying to get on our feet and just need a little help. What ever help is possible would be appreciated.

Needs a bed for my 27 year old nephew with stage 4 cancer who i promised i would never send to a hospice and I need $174 to get my storage pods delivered so we don't loose our personal belonging. We spent 11 months homeless cause my landlord of 7 years went into forclosure and then i was scammed out of my life savings by some con man and finally moved into a house of our own June 1st 2013. Its me my nephew and this young man who was on the streets and is developmentally challanged who we "adopted" into our family. Thank you for your consideration.

Again I need to get a bed for my 27 year old nephew who has stage 4 cancer and I need to get my storage pods delivered so we don't loose all our personal belongings. We have lost so much during the past year. and We need groceries and that's really it. I'm very embarrassed to be even asking for help but I have to So please help if you can thank you so very much does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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