Lost Job 3 yrs ago and now working 1-2 days a week,

Requesting: $300

Location: Sebewaing, MI

Hi, I lost my job 3 yrs ago and with the help of my 76 yr old mother I haven't lost my home. But my utilities continuously fall behind and occasionally get shut off. I finally got a part time job and the money I make just don't let me stay a float. So if you could find it in your heart to help me get on top of things it would be the best Xmas ever. I go with out everything else including going to the Dr when sick. I just don't want to lose anything more. I am a good person I don't smoke, do drugs or drink. I'm just trying to live a merger life nothing fancy. I really could use your help. There isn't much help for someone with out children. Mine are all grown.

Hi I lost my job 3 yrs ago and just can't make ends meet. I finally got an $8.00 an hour job but the problem is its only 1 day a week after they told me when hired it was full time. So I just can't make it. I am looking for a better opportunity so I can meet my needs but I would appreciate any and all help you offer. Please help me to keep my heat and lights going.

I promise any money donated to me will be used as requested. I desperately need help with my utilities. Propane is so expensive and I don't think anyone should have to be cold. Please help me with what ever you can. It will be so appriciated.

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