Our family is desperately seeking any kind of help .....

Requesting: $500

Location: Bean Station, TN

My name is Susan Sheller and I relocated here from Pennsylvania with my two children. Was in an abusive marriage for over 20 years and finally got the courage and strength to get a divorce and move my children away from all the horrors and nightmare's. I thought this was the best for our family to heal and to begin a new life. I have applied to many temp-agencies and it has been almost 3 weeks now and we are in desperate need of any kind of assistance. We packed up two cars and came with what we could pack in our cars and moved here to Bean Station Tennessee, not knowing that we would be struggling so badly! Please help us with anything possible. Thanks so much for your help in advance, Susan Sheller

We are in need of any assistance possible. Bedding, sheets, used furniture, and kitchen essentials ...We need just about everything possible... If you can help with anything our family would really appreciate this and be forever grateful.

if money is donated I will be able to search for some used furniture, help pay the electric bill, be able to buy some food for my children, and clothes for my 13 year old daughter ,whom will be entering school in August, and has only a few clothes here. I also would use money for gas to be able to further my job search, as of now I have no money and no way to even take any job offers. I don't want to give up hope, my children are depending on me. Thanks

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