Looking for an angel to help my family, please, please.

Requesting: $500

Location: Newnan, GA

We've always been one to help others, and never been one to ask for help. But now more than ever we're in need of an angel to help us.Right now me, my husband and 2 year old son, are going through a horrible financial crisis. We have never been financially successful, we have been I guess you call middle to low class. We have been raised by our families and taught through church to be humble that money is not everything, to follow the Lords path and always help others regardless of who they are or what they do. No one is perfect, we will all need help someday, so we should always help anyone who is in need of it. We are very close to be homeless and living on the street due to this financial crisis we are in but we have a two year old and are looking for any help possible to avoid getting to that horrible situation of living in the street or homeless shelter.

I recently Lost my job due to I was not able to afford child care or any daycares who were actually trustworthy and safe to have my child in. So we had no choice but for me to stay at home with the baby. so now my husband is the one working. One of our vehicals got repossessed because we could not afford it, we also had to leave the apartment we were staying because we were not able to afford it, so now we are staying with a friend in a small room now in which we don't live anywhere for free so we do pay for staying there as well as half and half on utilities and groceries. We have fallen 2 months behind on our car payment which this one is now on the verge of repossession. It is our only transportation, espescially for my husband to work. I had got a ticket for an expired tag because I wasnt able to pay the 200.00 to Renue it. So now on top of that I have a ticket of 140.00 to pay. We have borrowed money to Renue the tag but now we have to pay that money back to the people who lend it to us who are constantly asking for the money. My son still wears diapers so we are spending money on that as well. My husband works fulltime but the money is going to the rent our friend is charging and food and supplies for our son and gas for my husband to work. We are in a huge hole. We have tried to apply for loans but absolutely no one approves us. We need help to get out of this nightmare we are in. If we can only get up to date with our financials and a child care service that can be secure and safe and cheap, so that I can find a job to help my family get back to how things where. Where we won't have to struggle and put my son through this stress and worry. Everyone struggles in a point of their lives, but it should only be temporary especially when there is a baby involved no child should have to go through it. But it will always be something to teach them when they get older to always help anyone who needs it because you never know God forbid one day it can be you in that situation.

I really need help to get my family out of this financial crisis. We don't want to end up on the street with a two year old, please. I am not waiting until God forbid we reach that point. So please I ask for any help that you can give us, that can get us one step further away from this. That will take the stress and worry away from us and only bring that happiness we had before. We are really trying I promise, but sometimes we just need that angel that gives us their extra help. We never lose faith in God and we know He will open your hearts and bless you for any way you decide to help us. Even if it's in a prayer. This will bring us out of the hole and make us stronger and smarter in our financial decisions to avoid ever getting in this situation and hole again. And only pay it forward by continuing helping those who need help. So please in any way you can help, we will so much appreciate it. Thank you for your time reading thousand in advance to any help you can offer. God bless you always.

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