Disabled mom in dire need of help to pay power bill

Requesting: $390

Location: Anniston, AL

I am a disabled mother humbly seeking any help possible to pay my power bill. I don't have much to being with, but while helping some other dear family members and one close friend to acquire shelter and avoid being homeless, I have gotten in a terrible bind.

I am a 41 year old female who has taken in My elderly mother who was homeless, my 21 year old daughter and her 3 month old son who would be homeless otherwise, my close friend of over 20 years who is wheel chair bound and needed shelter recently, my husband who lost his last job because of my health issues and cannot find employment anywhere and he has been seeking for a job for over 2 years now and my son who has just graduated highschool and is suffering education wise because of the economy(he was awarded a 4000 dollar scholarship for academic excellence at the University of Montevallo and at the last minute they raised their tuition by 2000 dollars and now the scholarship and pell grant and stafford loan will not cover the total cost to attend this school and he is left to lose the scholarship he worked so hard for and stay here with me and try to find employment in a county where no jobs are available)

I humbly beg anyone who is in a position to help us. I don't know where else to turn. My greatest wish is for us to make it through this hard time and become able to help someone else in need in the future. I am so worried that my power is going to be disconnected. I have extended my due date to July 19...they would go no further. I am worried about what is going to happen if we lose power when I am now responsible for a 3 month old and a sickly elderly mother who has copd and could not survive in this heat. Thank you all for your time.

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