Ex-military and unemployed parents need rental help and food assistance

Requesting: $500

Location: Pendleton, NC

We are in dire need of money for food and for rent. My husband was let go from the US Navy after 12 years of service in September and my job was recently terminated due to lack of sufficient work. With any money that is donated we plan to get food into the house so we can continue to live and not beg off of anyone or have to rummage through trashcans. Also, our rent is due and we would like to make sure we can stay at our house so noone is out on the streets and hungry.

Our rent is $500 a month but any money other than that will be put into getting food. Our pantry is bare and we are hungry. We really dont want to have to go through trash cans looking for food but it is getting to the point we will have no choice.

This has hit us very hard. We just need the money to pay rent for the month and to get some food. I do hope for some good luck for us both in the future.

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