Never new someone could struggle so bad in there lifetime

Requesting: $500

Location: Apopka, FL

We are in need of money to help with food in our home and our rent that is due as of today (6/1/2013) . We have gone without food for the last 3-4 weeks we have eaten rice every night for dinner and it gets a little gross after a few days! we have 3 adults and one beautiful baby girl who is now 9 months and shes got her teeth in so she has been eating our foods with us no longer on baby food and we have barely gotten to feed her food . we have been stuck giving her bottles everytime she gets hungry, then she is short on milk and we have no money for that either and i dont get WIC no more so we are not sure on what to do. we are living in a 1 bed / 1 bathroom apartment all together its 4 people. none of us get food stamps i have applied 3 times and nothing . my husband has gotten short checks barely making any bills and im a stay at home mom, i dont work. with the money that will be donated i will be able to provide myself and my daughter , husband and friend with food . no longer will have to go without ! i will be able to pay my rent and not worry about eviction notices again. ill be set for a little while until i can maybe find a little part time job.

Like ive said before we are living 4 people to one bedroom apartment. No food , Not meeting the pay for our bills. I have a babygirl living here which is my daughter and she is now eating food with us and has to go without. We have never struggled like this before this is the first and its real bad . Our rent isnt payed and its now due. none of us have eaten barely anything the last few weeks.

Please , if anybody is willing to help my family and I, we will greatly appreciate it! I have been praying for help for awhile now and have found nothing. I pray that i no longer have to see my family (specially my daughter) have to go without food or milk or anything she may need! Any Liytle penny donated to me will go straight to a food market to get groceries for my family to eat. Milk for my daughter, and some may go to bills so we have extra help with that also My plans for the future are to start putting in applications , paying my friend weekly to babysit my daughter for me . my husband has put in a new applicatipn for tree service so hopefully he will get the job soon! Anyone , someone . please help .Thank You ! does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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