I am 65 and need help

Requesting: $350

Location: Hayesville, NC

In short how I got into this I got sick heart failure and broken hip and placed on below poverty income.

I recently moved to north Carolina, and rent a RV in which the landlord does nothing, but want his rent. so I have to move to murphy area and need help, my car broke down radiator is in need of help" and need car do to PT due to broken hip, and now all my monies will go to rent and sec. for new place, $425/rent and $425/sec.dep. which leaves me no other monies left. I also have no furniture do to living in RV. need queen bed,etc pots pans dishes etc, I will go to food pantry for food this month. I am 65 years old and there is not much out there for older adults with no children. sometimes I feel forgotten. We all will get old. thank you all for caring.

I need help with fixing car about 200.00 and need bed and other things about 150.00 I can find used. and if you feel you could donate food card this will hold me over till Aug.3,2013 thank you kindly

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