Whisper of the Willow is to one day be my autobiography of survival

Requesting: $499

Location: Des Moines, IA

whispers of the willow, that will be the name of my first autobiography. A tale of survival, one woman's journey from childhood atrocities, to mid life crisis causing the collapse of a family her loss of employment, marriage, mental and emotional stability, as well as loss of almost everything a person can lose except the soul. It will be a rare glimpse into the most inner thoughts of the onset of the beginning of the end. Then learn first hand about the inner struggles to overcome mental illness and adversity, Witness the rise of the phoenix that every mother has within.....you learn more about the personal turmoils that eventually break a once strong and determined wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and friend and woman, Hopefully you will gain perspective on the decay that eventually gives way to the surrender of her mind, body and soul, as she succumbs and almost welcomes the impending psychosis of a nervous breakdown. Pure, raw mental, emotional, financial, spiritual bankruptcy. Broken by cumulative circumstantial situations, including but not limited to bereavement, obsessive worrying, financial burdens, harassment in the work place, menopause, empty nest syndrome, exhaustion, chronic pain, chemical dependencies, mental illness, self doubt, marital infidelities, disillusionment, depression, anger, rage, loss, abandonment, phobias, contempt, panic, anxiety, disbelief, defeat, bitterness, loneliness, retreat, digression and surrender. Witness her personal struggles and innermost fears as she slowly try and fails and reattempts to recover. Cry with her as bares all in an effort to get well , to rise again from the ashes of abuse of every type and overcoming,depression, anxiety, seclusion, bpd, ptsd, addictions, injustices, insecurities and insanity and reclaims her post as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister, as an aunt, as a grandmother, as a WOMAN!.....YES whispers of the willow, to be found on a book shelf some time in the future and will preclude.....BROKEN.......BY MWAH...ME

I am a now single 48 year old woman who has suffered a great deal physically, mentally, emotionally, financially my entire life almost. I suffered a nervous breakdown 3 years ago. I went from making 50 to 60,000.00 a year to living next to homeless in the mobile home my daughter gave me. I have been without electric for 2 weeks now, but I am tough and will figure that one out another day. What is imperative is my rent. I need to pay 385.00 for July Rent, and hopefully will not be taken back to court again to be evicted. I just sold my Jeep to pay the last three months and 200. on my electric. I am now reapplying for SSI as I was turned down for Disability the first go round. I just lost everything in my divorce due to default. I couldnt get to the town it was held in as my car was breaking down. My now ex appears to be able to have EVERYTHING!!! and I get what I have now, which is the estate of my daughters father which wasn't much but has dwindled down to even less now. I suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Chronic Pain from the onset of Degenerative Disc Disease, I have been clinically diagnosed with all the above along with Borderline Personality Disorder as well as bi polar, suicidal and PTSD and OCD. I had an addiction to the Vicodin after 5 years of being on it but now am proud to say I no longer fight that demon. I have never been released to go back to work as I can not seem to get my self to a drs office without a full blown panic attack and an embarrassing display of emotional (crying, bawling, rage, anger) outburst. There is more but I can further explain upon request.

The remainder of the monies requested would be so that I could get my grandson a birthday present, he is 3 tomorrow and Ya-Ya has yet to buy him a present in all his 3 years. and to get a dress for my youngest daughters wedding coming up in four weeks and to buy her and her fiance a card and a gift. I did not ask for the full amount so that there is one dollar that someone else may receive. I would be more that happy to buy a dress from salvation army and or gift it forward to someone else in need. I would work doing odd jobs or anything moral and legal. once I get better. I am working on it. My plans are to have a yard sale and get a bus pass and go to the mental health services and to ask my daughters for their support and to have them help me as I take a more productive role in my recovery. Thank you for your time.

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