My family and I need help with keeping our electricity on and food.

Requesting: $500

Location: Morrilton, AR

Hello, my family are in desperate need of some money to help us keep our electricity on, gas in the car to help my husband get back and forth to work and to have some food on our table. I have been ill since March of this year with DVT, pulmonary embolisms ( blood clots in the lungs and leg) and seizure like activity (where I get lightheaded, shaky and dizzy then I black out). The Drs. do not know what is causing the problems. I have been unable to work due to these issues. I have be hospitalized three times and have been in ER 6 to 8 times and have had approx. 5 ambulance runs. We have insurance but insurance pays so much too. My husband has been doing the best he can to help bring in an income to cover our expenses but it only goes so far. We intend to put the money given on our light bill and in my husbands gas tank for work and to buy a few groceries

We are requesting some money to pay for our electric bill. Our lights have been shut off a couple times this past month. We are now on a pay as you go plan, where we are having to pay on a past due bill and on what we use daily and we are paying like $100.00 per week to try and stay cool and have lights at night. We have had our home phone and our satellite shut off so we could try to save money but it has only helped a little. We are also behind on the gas bill but to me that is not as important as the electric bill at this time. My husband is working full time where I am not able to due to illness. But he has to travel 25 miles one way to work and we have to scrape pennies together to get gas for him to get to work. We are down to the last $2.00 now. We have the necessities on food like milk bread and butter and a few frozen vegetables at this time. We sure have learned to cut back, but with my husband working and being type II diabetic he has to be careful and eat healthier. My son and I are hypoglycemic we need to make sure we have sugar around.

We need this $500.00 to help us to get some what where we need to be to try and get ahead on the electric bill before it gets too hot to where we will not be in the extreme heat and no electricity. My husband can have gas in the car to get to work everyday and we can get more of the basic foods to eat a little more healthier. Thank You in advance for your assistance and May God Bless You. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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