Hi, I'm a single divorced mom of 4 kids 3 boys 1 lil girl in need of help

Requesting: $1

Location: Charlotte, NC

I relocated from Florida a month ago because my ex husband was stalking my kids and me. We relocated here to live with my sister but now she and her husband are going through something and we have to go. I don't know anyone else here and we don't have anything or anywhere to go. I was offered a work at home job which will start 7/22/2013 but I have to have a home, computer, phone and internet to be able to start. I've contacted the Woman and Children Shelters here in Charlotte NC and I'm being told either I need a referral from another shelter (which are full)or they are full. I have 4 loving and smart kids who deserve better than what we're currently going through. I promise I'm not a lazy person looking for handouts, I'm just in a bad situation at this time with no where to turn. My kids and I are in need of everything including shelter. I don't even have transportation at this time of even bus fair. If I can at least get help with getting shelter soon I can start the job I was offered.

Being that my kids and I don't have anything but our clothes and shoes at this time any help offered will be greatly appreciated.

I pray that someone be a blessing to me and my four kids. I thank you in advance.

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