Mother of 4 trying to make it on our own!!

Requesting: $500

Location: Durand, IL

Hi I am a mother of 4 children recently going through a bad split from the kids father. I'm raising the children on my own in a house we rented together I had to go and file emergency order of protection against the father he endangered our children when I was at the doctor with our daughter the court has not ordered him to pay any of the unpaid bills he has left me with I'm a working mother I work at the local grocery store making minimum wage and I get help for food. I'm suppose to pay 550 a month in rent plus he never paid our water bill and is due to get shut off on July 17th that is 200 dollars he told me he was paying all the bills but after I kicked him out I started getting the final notices he owes the electric 245 and he owes 90 on the gas I would take whatever money is donated and make sure I pay something on each bill I was only able to pay 250 this month so far for rent because with all the work I had to miss for court dates and also having cops come out to my home because the father would not leave us alone I lost a lot of hours.

I am financially in a hole because he never paid any of the bills and I thought he did my check would always take care of rent and all the kids needs as far as diapers wipes clothing also household products. I really need this help I need to keep this house for my children and I we have no other place we can go as of now and we just moved here 3mo ago the kids love this town and the school and kids I'm doing as much as I can do provide for my children on my own that's why I really need some help it would be greatly appreciated.

If I am able to get the 500 donation I would pay so much on each bill that would help me to keep everything on I don't have cable I had to shut that off because that is least thing we need I am concerned about my rent water and electric then gas bill all in that order I'm trying my best to provide for my children I work as many hours as I can to make money so I can keep our home I don't know how much longer my landlord is gonna let me be late on rent as of now I'm so far behind I feel as if I'm never gonna get caught up and I can't lose the house or have the stuff shut off my kids are depending on me I don't want to let the. Down or see me struggle does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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