Desperate for help!

Requesting: $300

Location: Adelanto, CA

Hi my name is Julie and for the record i have never had to do this so bear with me. 2013 has been the hardest year of my life. I have had my car totaled, lost a dear friend and employer, another friend went to the rest home and the final straw my 16 year old son just got diagnosed with pheochromocytoma ,benign tumors (usually) of the adrenal glands that is curable one they find tumors but in our case this started last august and the tumors are still to small to find. Pheochromocytoma releases excess bp hormones into the system and causes blood pressure o spike extremely high and when the attack subsides the bp can go dangerously low. So he cant neat anything with tyramines especially aged cheese no msg and no soy. so i ask what does he eat? But anhyways all this has taken a toll on my finances bouncing back and forth from hospital because he is at high risk for heart attack or stroke until tumors are removed.

I am already on disability due to a shattered pelvis and aide for my kids so ive pretty much exhausted that option. I have some of the money but no where near what we need and i have called places and there is not much funding .Anything will help I am just trying to get caught up and pay people i have borrowed from back so that we dont lose our home and everything else.

Now that I have a diagnosis for my son and know what we are fighting I can focus and get back on track.... I was such a wreck when i thought my son was dying. Anything anyone can offer or suggest my family and i would be forever grateful. This is such an embarrassing situation for us as we have always done pretty good till my son got sick. I am just praying I can make rent and water and that things will be back to normal soon! Thanks. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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