Need help for family, Single Mom

Requesting: $500

Location: Maiden, NC

My husband and I split up last September, since then I have been struggling to keep a home for me, my daughter, son and grandson. I work all the time but it never seems to be enough. We owed some back taxes and since my ex does not work, they have resorted to taking all the money out of my check. I am behind on rent, and need food for my kids. I recently had to spend out about 500 on my car for tires, brakes and rotors so that set me back even more. Mainly I just need to feed my kids, catch up on rent and pay powerbill up so I don't have disconnect notice all the time. I really am trying and working myself to death but I just cannot get ahead. Need and want any help given.

I need all help I can get. A single mom with 2 kids and grandson with one pay check. It seems like everytime I try to get a head something throws me back. Mainly need money for back rent and powerbill and food. Usually i can manage to pay the bills but have no money left for food.

I will use any money donated towards supporting my family. I am not nor never have been on drugs or abused alcohol. I am just a single mom working her self to death to support her family that needs a little help. I hate to beg but right now I would to keep my place to live for myself and my family. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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