disconnect on January 25th 4 children in home ages- 4,4,2,and 2 months old

Requesting: $300

Location: West Union, OH

I am in need of help with my electric bill it will be disconnected on the 25th of January... My fiance's hours where cut where he works and after getting the necessary things for the children we do not have enough to cover any part of our disconnect on our electric. we intend to use any money that is donated to prevent our electric from being disconnected and to prevent our children from being cold.

We have tried to stay afloat and not ask for help but it has been so cold out at night and without electric the house will be so cold and the kids need warmth In the home It is my two children they are 4 and go to preschool, my fiance, my best friend who has 2 children one is 2 and the other is 2 months old...I am currently out of work so we only have my fiances check... my friend recently had her baby after a complicated pregnancy she was kicked out of where she was staying so we extended a helping hand to her and her son, and now her two sons. she is going through some rough medical things and has not been cleared to work as of yet. i am currently looking for a job. we have nowhere to go my daughters have school they have learning disability's and need to be in school and can not miss any school and my fiance has work which is close to our place of residence

I have tried to see if the electric company could just work with us until my fiance gets paid again so we can pay up the disconnect but the most time they could give us was until the 25th and there is no way we will get the money by then unless we get help not for us but for the kids... I am in need of 300 dollars to pay it up so i can keep heat and lights i will use any money donated for the electric to keep it on for the children in the house i have exhausted all efforts locally with no avail yet I am still looking for a job and will continue to look until i am successful.. If anyone can help my family out we will all greatly appreciate it

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