Elder on oxygen in dire need

Requesting: $493

Location: Shelby, NC

Hi I am a disabled elderly lady on a limited income. For the last couple months my power has been on a budget plan which has been managable to me but nearing the end of the 12 month period I am near having no power. I am on oxygen 24/7 and living off 700 dollars disablity check is hard.

Times have been hard for me. My husband has passed years ago and recently over the years my dad that has always helped me is now gone. Leaving me alone living on a 700.00 fixed income. I am on oxygen and disabled with my electric bill on a budget it was manageable but due to nearing 12 months I am in dire need of help. No one locally has funds to help me and the power company will shut my electric off even though I am on oxygen 24/7 everyday. My son has been helping me and has moved in. With no jobs locally he is in a constant struggle. Trying to help me and looking for work we are trying. In our lease we are unable to live without the power on and we are begging for a miracle that someone can help us.

With no one to help us or a place to live we are looking at being homeless unless someone can help with our power bill. I am on disablity and oxygen 24/7 living on a limited income is hard. We have contacted everyone for some help and no one has the funds. Please please help us with our power bill of 492.99 which is for 12 month since I have been on the budget plan. I can show you the bill or any other information you require to help. Thank you so much

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