I am swallowing my pride & asking for help, any help.

Requesting: $100

Location: Santa Maria, CA

Hi, I am asking for help of any kind I recently and suddenly became homeless, job less and have little to no resources. I need this for a place to stay while I continue my job search. I also need the money for food and other day to day items. Also I need a phone, mainly for prospective employers to reach me. I'm an educated single mother. I've always been a hard worker and I need to & i want to work, to get back on my feet, I never imagined my life to be like this. Things were good. Not now, they are awful .

I really don't know where to begin. I had 2 jobs both my boys were with me, we were in Wyoming. My sister suddenly one day out of nowhere kicked me and my boys to the curb. My oldest son had just arrived there 1 week prior to this and my youngest and myself had been there for 2 months and we both worked. We had no where to go no car nothing but our belongings. So we came back here because we have family here, none of which have helped us we have been staying in motels and at a friends place, but couldn't keep moving around because no money and my 16yr old needed to be in school. Today he went back to his Dads, because I couldn't support or give him stability and security, this is very hard and humiliating and sad. Now it's me and my oldest he's an adult. And we have no where to go. I want to be close to my son.

I need a place to stay I need to be able to be reached,I need to be able to get around, I just need help plain and simple, this is a humbling time, for me. Any help will be more than appreciated. My plans for the future include me working at a steady job, being self sufficient again, and having my boys with me. To have stability and to be able to live life not just exist. Thank you!

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