I need help I am a Grandma gotten over on

Requesting: $500

Location: Yucaipa, CA

I am in need of help with my rent. I have been a victim of parental abuse I would call it. My daughter is Bipolar 2 with 4 children. She gets very angry and upset all the time. At one time she was using street drugs and drinking and that is the reason I was told by CPS that I had a choice of staying home and raising the kids or get a babysitter. My daughter was made to leave the home. My two youngest grandchildren were in constant therapy 3 to 4 times a week and one was not in school. I quit my job of many years and took on this situation. After all they were my grandchildren. They could of ended up separated and I thought it would be in the best interest of the children to keep them together. But my intentions ended up biting me in the back.

I was a foster parent for my grandchildren for about a year and half. I had 4 children and went from a moderate income to zero in a matter of minutes. My daughter got her children back and completed all that she was suppose to do and wanted to move back home to me. And she did for about one month, then she left and moved out leaving me with no income of any sort and with me out of a job in a matter of minutes I just dont know what to do, I risk being evicted in a few weeks. I have some of the money but I dont have all. I have drained all my retirement and savings trying to survive. I am looking for a job with no luck. I guess due to my age. Please help

I am asking for any kind of help with the rent. I have a roommate now who is struggling to make ends meet herself. I would use the money to pay my rent. I do have an extra room that I want to rent out, so if anyone in the Yucaipa area is looking, please email me. I have registered for IHSS to help with eldery care for anyone. At least I am not too old for that. thank you for listening and hopefully helping. God Bless

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