Please help! I'm in desperate need to get back on my feet.

Requesting: $500

Location: New Richmond, OH

I went from living with relatives to sleeping in my car. I began working full time for a well established company as a Dell Support Rep. I been working for the company for close to a year. The company I was working for makes automation systems worldwide, as well as parts for military aircraft (China), and aerospace products. I had finally gotten myself in an apartment, and because of my situation (sleeping in my car) the landlord was willing to let me go ahead and move in while I was making payments on the deposit and first month's rent. As of last December the company I was working at was sold to and bought by a company from China. I was one that got laid off due to, as they put it, "internal changes". I was also told that it had nothing to do with my job performance and that I was eligible for re hire. Apparently, eligibility for re hire is not going to happen. I been actively seeking full time employment since. Because of the circumstances of zero income since last December I had gotten behind on the rent, behind on car payments, and was obtaining food from local churches within the community here.

Since December I feel like I have been forced to do nothing but sit here. Zero income prevents me from being able to get anywhere, including obtaining/holding a job. Nor did I have a phone, nor able to get one for about a month during this time. In December I had filed for unemployment, but was denied due to not having enough work weeks during the first quarter of 2012. As a result I needed to open a new claim and start the process all over again in January. I have gotten a determination of it being allowed and should start receiving some unemployment compensation that will help. Unfortunately, I will be receiving only $200/wk unemployment after child support deduction. This is not going to compensate me as far as keeping my apartment, not to mention my other obligations. Fortunately, it should help get back to work at a regular, steady job again. Hopefully this period of being unemployed won't last long. I would rather be working and pulling my own weight than sitting here stranded, unable to get anywhere, or do anything to change these circumstances. For about a month I been totally isolated with fear of losing my place to live and my car on top of it. My rent here is cheap, but I currently owe $700 in back rent. I can be thankful that I have a landlord who understands my circumstances and has been patient with me regarding the rent. My fear is that is only going to go so long. In between submitting resumes so I may return to work, I been searching for rental assistance without much progress. The main priority I am asking for is help in catching up with the rent. I can continue to try working with the other obligations.

It will be going on 2 months since having any income of any type. I now owe $700 in back rent, over a month behind on car payments, and recently got the electric bill. I also have a child support obligation which would be deducted from any weekly unemployment claim, and from a regular paycheck once I return to work. I have been able to obtain food. All I ask for is to be able to catch up on the rent so I'm not out on the street with no where to go. These unfortunate circumstances was totally out of my control and through no fault of my own. These circumstances were a result of a company buyout from overseas putting me out of a job. I am actively seeking steady, full time employment just as long as I have communication and a means to get there. Any help would be used to hold on to a place to live. I wish to be working and pulling my own weight as I always have. My plans are to return to regular, steady employment and catch up on my past due obligations. I am willing to give everything I can and do what ever I can possibly do to keep a place to live, and have transportation so I can keep working. Even $350 to pay off one month may help. Anything will help. Thank you... does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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