I relocated to NC to care for my elderly relative.

Requesting: $500

Location: Grover, NC

I didn't realize moving here life was going to be this hard for me! The devil is getting busy on me. I know he's a liar! I often times want to give up with it all! I have always been there for friends and family, but now when I'm down and out, no one is there for me! I'm feeling all alone! My car has not been running for over a month. I have no funds to get it repaired. I was offered a job in Charlotte for $15. Per hr. I could not work because I need a car to perform my job. I've loaned money to family who has not paid me back. When I relocated here to care for my elderly relative family was around because I had money! Now that's it gone, no one seems to be there for me. I have given all my furniture away because I no longer could afford my storage bill. I know God will bless me one day because I'm a good person. I need help financially as well as a real Christian friend to lift my spirit up before I hurt myself. I'm sad everyday!

With your support financially and spiritually, I then will know that there are still God fearing individuals out in the cruel world! Please help me!

I will use the funds to repair my car so that I can find work and hope to move to Gastonia Nc whereas if I was to ever be without a vehicle I can at least travel to and from work, grocery store and ect on the public transportation

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