Single mother in domestic situation

Requesting: $500

Location: Warrenton, NC

I moved here with my kids father here a year ago. I have 5 kids and I live in the country. Once out here, he changed, and didnt want me working and required that I stay home. No contact with friends or family. He took my cell phone and the abuse started. I need help to get myself and my kids back to california. I am trying to get a bus ticket for us. I have left him and i am staying with one of his family members but she can only let me stay until the 27 of this month. Any help will do. please.

I wanna take the greyhound get myself and my kids back to where my family is. I am alone out here. I dont know no one and i dont want my kids to be watching him abuse me. Its not healthy for them or for myself.

I need help getting home. I need to get back home to california. Myself and my 5 kids. I never thought that id be in a domestic situation.I am trying to get greyhound tickets for myself and kids. The grey hound tickets for myself and my 5 babies cost 1,380 to get home. I have nothing. This man has cleared out my bank account. He has taken my id, and he is trying to make my life as hard as possiable. I need to get myself and my 5 kids home and to a safe place. I have put a order of protection against him and i plan on filing another one as soon as i reach home. any help is greatly accepted. thank you does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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