hiding my pride and asking for help

Requesting: $300

Location: Muskegon, MI

Unfortunatly 10 months ago i was struck with a kidney disease called membranous neropthy with nephordic syndrome.

I pushed threw working with it for 8 months which was not smart but i have a family to take care of. I was caring and extra 70lbs of water weight edma a problem with MN. I was hospitalied several times the last was 2 months ago my doc. took me off work so that i can fight this better.

I am getting better unfortunatly my short term disiablity pay is very small it is 296.00 every two weeks. I am just trying to keep the lights on and food in my childrens bellys. I just cant due it all with little income i have applied for state help but takes awhile to take affect i just need a little breathing room with food thats why the request is just for 300 thats what i make and could possible pay back later down the road when i can get back to full pay and work. thank you for listening and your help if you do or can in any way. Thank You god bless

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