In Need of Money to Secure Lawyer for My Custody Case

Requesting: $500

Location: Dover, DE

Hi everyone! My name is Daniel, I am asking for funds to help me pay the retainer fee for my new lawyer for my custody case for my son. If you can help in any way I would be so very grateful.

I just found out about a year ago that I have a now almost 3 year old son. At first, I was confused, but as soon as I received the DNA results I immediately made contact with his mother to start a visitation. At first his mother was very nice, and willing to let me come and see him. Once I mentioned my fiancé meeting him and being a part of his life everything changed in a whirlwind. I found out very quickly that it seems as though she only told me about my child because she either wanted me to be with her again, or she wanted the money from child support. I immediately filed for custody (visitation at first but ultimately I wanted shared custody). I filed the custody paperwork in December 2012 but our court date wouldn't be scheduled until August 2013. As soon as his mother received notification I was filing for custody she immediately cut off all visitation that we currently had set up (she was allowing me to visit with him at a chik-fil-a for a few hours every other Saturday that was in her area and 2 hours from me). I was willing to do whatever I needed to build a relationship with my son. I lost both of my parents myself over 17 years ago, and have sworn that when I have children I will make sure I am the best parent I can be. Once she told me she wouldn't be showing up for visits anymore, I filed for an expedited hearing through the courts. This hearing was in February of 2013, I showed up not represented because I didn't have money to get a lawyer that quickly. She however, showed up with representation. The judge told me there was no way he was ruling for shared custody right then, her lawyer jumped in an told the judge of the deal he had put together. I would attend 10 weeks of court supervised visitation, then 4 weeks I would have to stay within the state she resides, and then I would be able to bring him home to my house. However, she was not comfortable with my dogs and requested that I not have them on the premises while he is there. I also had to have a home inspection completed on my home at her request. These visits would take place every Sunday. I have complied with everything she has thrown in my direction because I want to be the best father I can for my son. I now drive 90 miles and 2 hours every Sunday one way to pick up my son for my 11 hours. I have invested in season passes to Sesame Place and the Zoo just to have some activities for him to do so we don’t' have to spend 4 hours in the car every week just in traveling. My fiancé is absolutely great and has stood beside me with every visit (even the supervised ones in which she had to stay in the car for 2 hours). I have enjoyed watching him grow in the time I have spent with him. My struggle right now is with his mother. I'm not saying she's a bad mother, however, at 2 years old he had to have 8 baby teeth capped and crowned, and his 2 front teeth pulled because of extensive bottle rot that she allowed to grow until I was in his life and wanted me to pay for the surgery. Additionally, my son was recommended to a speech therapist as he does not have an average vocabulary for his age (most of his words are sounds). In February after my court date I sought a lawyer, who was willing to take a bi-weekly payment and not charge a retainer fee. She seemed very good at first and said that my case was very strong. She seemed like she would fight very hard for me and my son. However, as the months went on she started becoming less involved with my case and every conversation I had with her was how she was busy attending to another case that was more important. I tried very hard to understand and remained optimistic. When my court case came in August it was a mediation, and my child's mother's lawyer had contacted my lawyer 2 days prior and told her that in his dealings with this particular mediator he was not one to work with anything and if we couldn't come up with a deal that we would just be scheduled for a court hearing with a judge. My child's mother was not willing to allow me any overnights simply stating that SHE is not comfortable with that. She also has denied my son to be a part of my wedding that was scheduled for November. I say was scheduled because my fiancé and I have decided to put the wedding off until we have a clearer custody order, because ultimately we both want him to be a part of our special day. I bend over backwards to provide whatever I can for my child and nothing is ever enough for his mother. She is constantly trying to say that I hurt him and accusing me of not doing things the right way. I have sought council from another lawyer; however, he requires a $3,000 retainer fee. I am trying to get a personal loan, along with sell my truck that I am building for shows. Whatever means necessary I have to do to support my son. I am asking that if you can even donate $1 to help I would be so grateful. Again thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Thank You again for taking time to read my situation. I again appreciate any amount you can donate. I will assure you that every penny that is received will be put directly towards this retainer fee. Thanks again for helping! does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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