Family of 3 in need of Food, Firewood, and help with utility's and rent.

Requesting: $100

Location: Kenton, TN

My wife and I have a 5yo little girl. I worked as a Chemical Engineer for many years up until March of last year. Our home had burnt down just in the month prior from faulty wiring. We had a small renters policy but they didn't explain the fine details so they didn't pay much because we had no way of proving what we had in our home at the time it burnt. While sifting through the rubble for any articles that may have been savaged I injured my back by rupturing a disk that penetrated into my spinal cord. Filled for disability because my Dr. says that my back is into to much of a mess to work. Year and a half latter still waiting to see if Social Security will agree with my Dr. We have been making ends meet by selling off belongings that didn't burn and the money we had in my 401k plan. We knew it wouldn't last forever and the day has come that we have exhausted all means of income and very few belongings. If anyone can spare anything at all we would appreciate it very much.

We are in need of any assistance available until Social Security makes their ruling. The advocate that is helping us with Social Security say's the system is backed up until Feb or March of next year.

Any monies will be used for food ,utility's ,rent,and our babies Christmas if there is enough left over. We have managed to live on approximately $700 per month for the last year and a half and that wasn't easy when your use to several thousand dollars a month income. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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