we are in need of groceries

Requesting: $300

Location: Winter Haven, FL

My family and i are in need of groceries we have low income due to the work place giving no raises or overtime and what little bit we have our rent and other bills take leaving us nothing for food.

My husband is the only one able to work i suffer from chronic migraines and my vision is not real good which keeps me from being able to work. And with just his income and his work place giving no overtime or raises anymore we dont have enough left out of the checks for food. We would just like to be able to enjoy a healthy and hearty meal.

We really need grocery money we have no food in our apartment and no money to get any cause the bills took it all Please if you will help us any money donated will go right for groceries to help put food on our table. And help us to keep food on the table until my husband can find a better paying job which he is lookin and will continue to do so.

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