Need help with this months hotel

Requesting: $500

Location: Tulsa, OK

My boyfriend and I are needing $500.00 to pay for a month of rent. We pay weekly now, however, he is the only one with a job, as I am temporarily unemployed. A month ago, his uncle passed away and his father moved out of state, so he lost his apartment. I was in another state staying with a friend while he was living with his father. I had a part time serving job, however, he works more full time when the weather is not too cold. He does foam insulation/ roofing. The weather has been cold lately and supposed to snow this week, and he will miss 2 days pay, leaving us short to pay the hotel. Paying weekly $227.00 is rough and hardly leaves us any money to get ahead or food. Right now I do not receive food stamps, however, I am trying to obtain them until I find employment.

If someone helped us with $500.00, we could pay monthly and save 248 a month. It is hard to live this way, not knowing if he will have enough hours each week. Until I find a job, our housing situation is not stable, and it is going to be harder to find a job if we are homeless, without a car. We both do not have a car right now. My 2001 ford focus had the transmission go bad in june this year, beyond repair. He was using his dad's vehicle. The money we save will help us start saving, find an apartment, and a car.

Please help us pay a monthly rate this month. We are going to be short money this week regardless. We are sharing one cell phone at the moment. It was just a very unfortunate turn in events that led us here, however, if someone could help, we could be better off and get to a better life quicker. We would appreciate the generosity because we are in need of a stable place to live and not having to worry about the cell phone being turned off or running out of food each week. Thank you does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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