I Need Help With Having A Merry X-MAS, Bills, and GAS

Requesting: $500

Location: Taft, CA

I need help to get back to work. My husband cannot work and we are in the middle of applying for his disability. We are behind on every bill: including rent and utilities. There will be no Christmas this year for my 11 yr old daughter, if I don't get some money. I intend to use the money to get back and forth to work buy 1 gift for my daughter, and pay my bills.

I got in this situation because my work is 30 or so miles away. I live in a small community and it is hard to find work. I am a substitute teacher and I was trying to give my area a try. They don't call me enough to pay for my bills.

I have high pride and I don't generally ask people for help. I like to work out my own problems. Any amount will help me get back to work, pay my bills, and food. In the future I will work more often and save money. I don't use drugs, alcohol, or any other bad habits. Your money will go for much needed items.

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