I am homeless

Requesting: $500

Location: Soldotna, AK

I was a nanny for a man while he was on the slope I cleaned cooked and he pushed me and my kid to the floor in the garage in he was drunk in so I grabbed my child and left he then tried to pull me back in I wanted my safety and my child's safety I drove off in had no were to go he then told me that I was never allowed back to his place in that my belongings were going to good will I don't know what to do I have no job no money and no one wiling to help I am sorry for this I never knew what that man was capable of I am willing to work I have applied for jobs everyday please whatever u can do god bless

Money for food and clothes diapers and a place to call home

I need a place to sleep Clothes for y daughter and I Diapers Gas money

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