mother in need of help trusted someone and they scammed her

Requesting: $500

Location: Birmingham, AL

If you will find it in your hearts to help a family in need it will be gratefully appreciated, I can give you verification of everything I have told you.

I am a single mother of five, I work a par time job were I gross 200 weekly, I have a bankruptcy that comes out that's 87.00 and taxes so I am only left with 75.00, with this 75 I pay 10 on lights 10 on gas 10 on water to try to show some type of payment, I know its not enough but I try, on 11/25/2013 a previous bill was attached to my current power bill and the day before thanksgiving my power was disconnected, not only that but the power company wanted my meter can replaced due to it being old and wires being old, I have called every agency I could get numbers for, I have even talked to the power company, and the only help they could give me was pay 1179.00 out of 1586. 00 we will restore your service and have the meter can replaced and inspected, I went to JCCEO who at first stated they would pay 1050 but it was reduced to 825 leaving me 357.00 to pay, I went to a church that is helping on utilities after sitting there for hrs just to say they wouldn't help me cause the power is off, I am on section 8 and if my landlord finds out my power is off I will be put off the program and will be homeless, I found an electrician to replace the meter can and met him at our local county office to get permit to do the work, found out today that he never pulled permit but illegally did the work and did not complete the work, I am scared and don't know what else to do

On Friday 12/13/2013 I need to have 357.00 into Alabama power to turn on my lights before my light bill finals out and I will need a lot more, 150.00 to get another electrician to pull the electrical permit to get it inspected please please help us...thank you and god bless does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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