Homeless and trying to complete Masters Program

Requesting: $500

Location: Cincinnati, OH

I was evicted on 9/22/2013,due to a job loss. When the job loss happened I lost apartment, car and me, my daughter and 6 yr old granddaughter were found homeless. I have no extended family it is just me, my daughter and granddaughter. I am looking for help with deposit and first months rent, so that me and my little family can be back under one roof. This money will be used for an apartment for all 3 of us.

I have called all assistance agencies and because I do not know how the system works, I get nowhere in assistance. Truthfully, I just want to get my family back together, we have never been apart like this my daughter and granddaughter need me as much as I need them. I have never been evicted before and nor have we had to experience homelessness.

My daughter and granddaughter have had to move 3 times since Sept 2013, due to situations with the people she was staying with and where I am staying there is no way for her to stay. I am devastated and heartbroken about this situation. As of 1/20/2014, I will start a job great job with Staples as a supervisor for Call Center, but I am still not able to get my little family back together as quickly as possible. My 6 yr old granddaughter says to me all the time "YaYa when are we going to be back together in the same apartment."And it hurts my heart each time she asks me and I am not able to tell her when.It hurts my heart and soul to know that I am not able to provide as quickly it has been 5 months and I am so close but yet so far.. I have NEVER been in a situation like this before. I will take this money and when I get my first paycheck it will help me to get deposit and first months rent paid, my daughter gets child support so this will help with getting utilities on. I just need the bare minimum to get on our feet and I will work to complete the rest. I just want to get into a apartment and get my very small family back together again. Thank you in Jesus holy and precious name AMEN!! Please, please help us. If I am helped I will never forget someone helping me and I will pay it forward.

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