Seven days for eviction

Requesting: $500

Location: Lyndora, PA

In Aug. of this year I was re diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma .. Since this has happened it seems I have one thing after another hitting me.. I had no car at this time and needed to get one so I was able to get to Pittsburgh for all my appointments which led me into where Iam now.. Once I got the car it wasn't even weeks later that I started having trouble with it. All of my doctors are 45 mins away from where I live.So I had to get it fixed. It seems every time one thing happens another comes about.. Paying my bills and gas to get to where I need to be .. I live on SSI. and that dont go far. Every month I have to figure out what I can pay and what I can't which makes the next month being the same all over again.. Right now I have to come up with 1,900. for my landlord or I have to be out on the 27th.. I have tried to reason with the landlord to give him so much and pay him in payments on top of the monthly rent. If I come current with him I will be able to make my regular payments to him. Right now Iam going through even more issues with the cancer. The site where the surgery was has come open and they are doing scans and test to see if there are new tumors in the same area. Iam to being Stereo Tactic Radiation. But with one thing after another hitting me it is hard to keep my mind and thoughts on doing this if Iam going to have no where to live.. I dont like asking for help but dont know what else Iam going to do.. Wish and pray that one say soon this will all stop and I can go back to being the one that helps other and not being the one looking for help.. God bless all who takes the time to read this and I hope you life is blessed and you never have to go through something like this.

I am needing help to get caught up with my rent so Iam able to go on with my surgeries and my treatment to try in get better..Reason this all has happened is this cancer as anyone else just sprung on me and it wasn't and isn't a easy thing to except.. I don't have a good running car and it is always breaking down on me therefore I have to get it fix. Cant afford to get a new one so I need to fix it.. Now it starts but after running it for so long it wont run for a few hours and Iam trying to get that fixed.

If I can please get help if someone is able to I will use the money to give to my landlord to help me come current with him so I dont loss my home.. I feel bad even asking for help but dont know what else to do.. I wish I didnot have to do this and never thought for one minute this would ever be me . I have always been the one that is there for everyone and the one who loved going to the soup kitchen with my kids and feeding the homeless and the hungey. Right now in my life Iam not able to do that. but so wish I could. If anyone can please help me I will for ever be grateful and will one day give back as it was given to me .. God bless anyone who takes the time to read this. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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