Not too long ago I was the one to donate, now I need some help of my own

Requesting: $500

Location: East Haven, CT

My name is Heather, today I am sucking up my pride and asking for your help in catching up on my electric bill (it is now close to $2000 and will be shutoff tomorrow 7/30/13 if not paid in full. I can no longer request more time. I work as an administrative assistant getting paid minimum wage and my husband is in construction. He is obviously the main bread winner of the family and since getting hurt on the job with no health insurance eight months ago, our electric had to be put last on the to be paid list, fortunately it was winter then and they can not shut you off but now that time is over and I truly don't know what we will do. We have three fur children who are my life and if it weren't for them I would deal with having no electricity until I found some other means but they are my babies and it kills me inside to think I can't provide with their needs to survive. We truly are good hearted people but like SO many we are going through a very tough time.

I'm planning on using the money in full to pay my electric bill so it will not get shut off. I know that compared to others my situation might not be as bad but if you are animal lovers like myself and my husband who treat your furry babies as your children and you are willing to donate then please please choose me! When I rescued my blue nose, maine coon and tabby from the high kill shelter I promised them I would always provide them with the essentials they needed and a whole lot of love, unfortunately I'm failing at part of that promise. I know the max limit is $500 and what I owe ($2000) is a big difference but honestly anything is better then nothing and I would be so grateful just to get any help at all! We have no family that we could stay with until we could find a way to pay so that isn't even an option :(

Thank you for taking your time to read my plea for your help! It is so very much appreciated and please know that it will be paid forward when the opportunity comes! does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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