Requesting: $500

Location: Lincoln, NE

Hello I AM a mother of 3 who has fallen into a bind financially. I am usually on top of my bills. I became disabled back in 2007 after my stroke a bad marriage, I have been living on my own with my 3 girls and would greatly appreciate some help with my utilities. my account numbers will be given so that you can help if God so desires your heart to help me. Even if only a small amount I will be greatly appreciative. LES Energy 002101700 the amount owed for 2 months $414.37. My water is also due to be shut-off on Monday March 10 2014 for the amount of $284.76 D638003350000028476. My prayers will be answered by the FATHER in Heaven when I can see my way around financially.....Anyone that has a heart that helps will be BLESSED beyond measure By GOD HIMSELF.

My request is for some assistance to make it through this rough winter season. I normally help others but have not been able to do this due to financially struggling myself since 2014 began. I am not proud of these truths but I am begging for some help God says PRAY ask and then return the favor and it will bring everyone great satisfaction. My prayers will be answered I KNOW I HAVE FAITH! LES Energy 002101700 $414.37 /Lincoln Water D638003350000028476 $284.76 I will never ask for more than I need.

For the person(s) that assist me and my family we will send many prayers to the FATHER IN HEAVEN TO BLESS you and your family greatly in return. We normally have helped others in the past now that we find ourselves in the same situation we will be very grateful. We also pray that once again when we are on our feet we will be able to help others as before. Our home is not properly insulated so our bills have tripled this is why we are asking for the much needed help. Thanks to you and yours 03/07/2014

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