Requesting: $500

Location: Laughlin, NV

Hello, we really need funds to make rent for month of April. We have been trying fohoper low income housing with not much hope So we need a little more time. Husband unemployment ran out my little side jobs doesn t even pay all bills and he s been looking for work with no luck. Car is broken with major repair that needs done so it will be even hard when we find a place

Hello, we need rent as husbands unemployment ran out, car broken with major repair need, . Have been looking for job no luck checking out low income housing but cannot get in yet and we have no family to ask for help.we are in mid to late 50 s with health problems also tryin to do the best we little side jobs help with some of our bills but we just need abd are asking to be able to have a little more time to get us thru to find something.

It would be greatly appreciated for the help you could give us .we have been selling some of our belongings to pay bills .we just need money to help us for next months rent so we can get what we do have to a storage unit and hopefully get in low income housing unless by grace of god a job comes up. Its very hard to lose your home and sell off what you worked so hard to get all these years. Plans for future is just to keep trying to find employment and a place to live within the next month and vechile fixed so we can. Thank you so very much. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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