My 2 children and I will be homeless......

Requesting: $500

Location: Lincoln, NE

In February my husband was asked to leave the home due to physical violence towards me. He was the only income in the home. I was a stay at home mom and part time nursing student. When he left hs closed all accounts and took all legal documents from the home. He took my school computer and books which clearly he has no use for and I had to drop my classes. He has not paid any money towards the kids daily care and as of May 1st he is no longer paying the rent or utilities. I will soon be evicted and need to put our only items in storage so my kids dont lose all there clothes, toys and furniture.

During ths time he has been gone our children have felt safer than when he lived in the home and have come forward to there counselor and myself of physical, emotional and sexual abuse done to them by my husband there father. He no longer has visitation and is being investigated by family crimes unit however I have been advised its his word against there's and he is denying all aligations. He has cheated lied and physically assaulted me and the kids and I have finally reached out, told the truth and asked for help and have gotten little help. He has sabitouged every effort I do to move on and support our kids and move out of the home we rent and he is the only one on the lease. I need to get the kids out and in a safe place before I get evicted and we lose everything.

I want to at least save my childrens belongings, furniture and toys since they have lost so much already. They need something positive to happen so they can have something to look forward to. I need this money to get a truck, people to help me move since I have one lived in NE since July and have no family or friends here, boxes and a storage unit. I am on the top of the list for section 8 vouchers however that wont by until the middle of next month and I will be evicted by then. I get daily need items from an abuse center but the cost to save my kids things is to much for them. Please help my kids does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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