single mother 2 kids 4 and 2

Requesting: $250

Location: Wellford, SC

i am i single mother of 2 and i am in need of half of my light bill witch is 250 i have the other 250 sunday but i am in need of the other by monday may 13th by 5:00 p.m or duke energy will shut my lights off i already got my final notice so they can work with me i already tryed to call them and talk to them.. i am a waitress so i dont make that much so i try and do everything i can to keep a roof over my kids heads and give them everything they need i been stressing over how i will get the other 250 and i pray to god everynight that he helps me find faith and if anybody helps me i will be so grateful it really will mean so much to me... god bless

it is for my duke energy power bill i need the money by monday may 13th or the will shut my lights off i already recieved my final notice so they cant work with me any my heat did not work right in my trailer so when it was cold out side this winter i had no choice but to put my heat on and it wouldnt cut off just keep running i called landlord they were supose to come out and fix the problem but never did. so my first power bill of the winter was very high but i was paying what i could on it and finally it got to 770 by feb 14th and thats when i got my taxes back 3days before that date i thanked god because if it wasnt for that i wouldnt have had that much money by that date to pay that bill so then i paid that witch left 165 for my to pay i payed what i could because i have other bills as well and now it got to 500.63 cent and im in need of help dont want my kids to go without power

i need it so my children wont be without power if who ever donates i will be so grateful and will take that money right to duke energy my kids mean so much to me that i dont want them to ever go with out thats why my only hope is to ask for help and hope there is a good soul out there i will be so grateful for it and my sure my kids will im just a single mother trying to do what ever i can to take care of my family.. once i pay this bill i wont owe anything and so i will not let my bill get past due again i will make sure to pay the whole thing and watch how much power i am useing i learned my lesson and wont do it again because if somebody does be so grateful to help me that dont mean next time they will. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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