23 years old getting evicted can't pay rent two months behind.

Requesting: $500

Location: Somersworth, NH

I need $1350 to not get evicted but any amount will help me for my rent so I don't have to live out of my truck along with my 2 bunnies and guinea pig. I've been dealing with so much since what my father did to me when I was 20 years old. I've been getting help from the town but now they won't even thoughI get SSI.

've been struggling with PTSD since I was real little. I'm getting SSI right now but it's not enough to cover my rent. I'm behind two months rent and need to come up with $1350 or I will have to move out and live out of my truck again. I got the eviction notice today. My landlord said if I can get the money I can stay. Really any amount of help will help. I couldn't pay for my truck registration so my license was taken after the cop said he would take care of it for me so I've been very stressed out to the max. Therefore I lost my job and with my anxiety I struggle.

Until I can pay what I owe for rent I need to see if my landlord can work with me before I have anyone move in with me. Once I get caught up I can have my boyfriend move in with me which will save me about $300 a month. I hate asking for help but I'm getting worn down.

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