We need assistance to move due to leaking roof

Requesting: $500

Location: Grand Junction, IA

We are needing help with deposit and first month's rent to move out of our house. My husband was diagnosed with leukemia two months ago and so we are really needing to move out of our house due to leaking roof and the house needs extensive repairs that he is unable to do, due to his health. We have a daughter who is 14 years old and I work in Boone and she goes to school in Ogden.

We own our house in Grand Junction and the value is only $9,000 but we are not able to sell it as it has a leaking roof and extensive repairs which my husband is unable to complete due to his health. We will be able pay for rent each month but we are unable to come up with the deposit and first months rent right now.

I have explained above that our house is really not a healthy environment for my husband who has leukemia and we are requesting help to move and for the deposit of an apartment in either Ogden or Boone.

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