Single mom gets kids back formerly in fostercare needs help with rent

Requesting: $354

Location: Kalamazoo, MI

Hello, my name is melissa im 28 years old with 3 children. Michael 9, Makayla 8, Madison 6. About 4 years back I began a relationship with a man that became abusive overtime, both mentally and physically. I had nobody or no one to turn to so I stayed with him and allowed my 3 kids to live with the abuse which at the time I failed to realize affected them. I was in denial that I was in an unhealthy relationship and as long as my kids were fed, bathed and sheltered they were just fine. Little did I know I was causing more damage to them than I realized I was doing.until my relationship was finally flagged by CPS at which time.they had a chance to leave my abuser and begin children and not just making sure thier basic needs were met. When Cps open a case on me and my children I was still in denial that I was a bad parent for not leaving my abuser, during the.end of this rocky relationship I had turned to using drugs as,a way to cope one out of many reasons why Cps became invovled. I began to change certain parts of my lifestyle but refused to abuser alone. I failed to maintain what was asked of me In order to have my children remain in my custody so after a month or,so they were removed from my home and placed into foster care. This took place in may of 2012. I dove off the deep end, I again was in denial about the facts children being removed from my custody so I lost sight of any hope in our future....two years went by, ive had ups and downs but have managed to stay drug free for the last 15 months I have gained employment, found housing and were granted custody of my kids back. The issue im having now is paying my rent. I make $3 an hour serving tables maybe 15 hrs a week from the $7.40 35 hrs a week I started off with. My current bf and I signed the lease for the,apt I am in now but as got low,and bills began to pile up it became too,stressful for him so he decided to move.out which leaves me with.unpaid rent and unpaid bills.,ive worked so hard to be where im,at and im hoping there is some kind of help for moms like me. Im in desperate need of some financial help.

I know.that ive.come too far.on my journey as a.mother to just give up my housing. When i applied apt i was making $7.40 an hour almost 40 hours a week as a cook. I work at a bowling alley so in the summer all employees hours are cut, well for those who decide to work the short summer shifts. I was.recently switched to becoming a server and since having my kids back now i have more expenses for example if i.dont pay for daycare i wont have a job.

I dont know where else to turn. It is now the 20th and my rent was due.on the first i know i will be recieving an eviction in the mail shortly. Ive managed to save $300 but while i wait on assistance for food from the in its been hard to not spend the money ive saved for rent on food. My food assistance kicks on next month so hopefully if i get help chances are i could get caught.up enough next.month to stop an eviction proscess. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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