A cry for Help, Is anyone willing?

Requesting: $400

Location: West Brookfield, MA

I am a single mother of two amazing children, my son 9yrs, daughter 4yrs. I am in need of assistance in paying for clothing, and most important paying some of the electric & heating bill with in the next 45 days or they will terminate services. I lost my job of 5yrs about 2 months ago after new corporate management took over and replaced all current employees. I do collect unemployment but i am taking home $100.00 more a month than what I pay for rent. I have just recently divorced this past 1 1/2 after struggling with a very abusive marriage and now trying to stand on my own two feet. With any money donated this will go towards the important first which is keeping electric on, restoring heating services and allowing me to gather clothing for my children for the cooler months from good deals around any kind of stores that are non expensive but decent clothing.

I have always been trying so hard to raise my wonderful children but the last year I have hit so many road blocks that I was beginning to think I was a failure. I have just gotten my gas (heat) turned off and waiting on fuel assistance as well as trying many other programs and either no calls are returned or my income is just above what they call poverty, or there are no more funds for help. I am a family of three and I have an income of less than $800.00 a month in which my rent is at $700.00, I am looking for work daily but after being in such an abusive physically and mentally marriage for 10yrs I am not a licensed driver and can not even afford to start driving classes I am very limited with travel, and any family i have are either live far away and considered strangers, (I grew up in foster care) or in a similar position.This donation would be so much appreciated by myself and my children .I have always been one to lend a hand for those in need and still will providing my children are not affected negatively. I can not see my children waking up to no electricity or not being able to take a warm bath or even turn on a night light if they awake from a bad dream. I left a marriage so I can better myself and my children so we can live healthy and happy, but with the situations that I have been left with have shown me that life is not fair, especially because leaving with my children is the only reason my life was saved and now I am struggling deeply, I am praying every day that god answers this heavy financial burden and with just a little help I can get us there, This cash donation will get us over this hump so we can move forward and it will allow us time to get all the necessary paperwork for programs to accept us and we can get the financial help from the utility company, restore heat & get fuel assistance just in time for the cooler weather, and 45 days is all we need to get us by and we can finally move on to a happier future.

This donation is for my children not for me, I will go without if that meant my children were able to take a warm bath and eat three meals a day with snacks, have warm clothes to wear on chilly fall/winter days and able to come in side after playing outside or home from school to a warm home! They are my world and I will do anything in my power to make sure I can provide for them which is why I am seeking some sort of donation, this is my last hope, please if any one can, help us?

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