hoping there is still good out there

Requesting: $200

Location: Clearwater, FL

Listen, Im the last one to ever try and ask for help, but my child is the main one suffering through my misery... it's not fair to her. I have a job. I make money, but got into the worst situation with the worst guy... I'm planning an order of protection but that doesn't change the fact that he used me for every dime I had with promises to return it. The only thing he returned to me is bruises. Which have been reported... I will use the money to move on sept first. I currently will only have 1 pay check saved and that's only like 250 or less, no food except a pack of ramen... I'm not asking for the max though I do need it cause any help really is better then none. I don't want to put my kid in a shelter again.... I just want her stable for once in her life without seeing mommy cry.

My life has never been easy but I've always made it through somehow, call it survivor, call it fighter, call it whatever... I call it blessed... I know there is good out there.. I just keep stumbling on the bad... I really was duped out of everything... this guy did a number on myself and child.... promised to take care of it all he did.... he took care of nothing. Nyself abd daughter are without food and come sept first out of a home. I'm trying to have what I can but I dont get paid for 2 more weeks.... I need help for moving abd getting away safe abd for food to feed my daughter. I understand I'm not perfect, and this is the last plea I wanted to make, but someone with no one had to try for help somewhere. - Hungry single mom

In conclusion, the pack of ramen won't last long, the patriots are all used up abd my paycheck is far away... I plan to use the money to feed my daughter till I get ok again abd to help on my move on sept 1st... cause I am no longer allowed here... landlord has another tenant lined up... I'll have some money to put with it... but in x all alone trying to make it work... I asked only a little when my needd is greater but as I said... I got to survive. I git to fight. I got to plea for help... my little girl depends on it.

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