College Student in Need of Immediate Help

Requesting: $500

Location: Ukiah, CA

I graduated from community college with one of my two degrees I was pursuing and moved to another county to finish my second degree and then transfer to a university. Well, my grant money for school is on hold (it takes 4 to 6 weeks for a decision to reinstate it) and I have no way of paying my rent for September so I'm forced to go back home. I obviously won't have a job immediately. I can stay with my mom but I have a service / companion dog that falls under the Fair Housing Act of 1988 due to me having a disability but the management where my mom lives only allow one pet per household and my mom has a cat. My mom is the only family I have back home that I can stay with so I need money to get myself a place quickly.

College is a planned event. Well, I graduated in May with one of my AA degrees and want to pursue higher education and there is no university in the county I am from. So, I moved to pursue that higher education. Well, I had to go back to community college to finish one class, but found out since I already have one degree, my grant money for school is on hold. I can try to get it reinstated but it takes 4-6 weeks to get a decision back from the school. Well, I don't have the money I need for rent for September so I am forced to move back home with my mom. The management where she lives don't mind me being there but I have a disability so I have a service / companion animal that falls under the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988. However, my mom also is disabled and has a cat, so the management really doesn't want my dog there. So, I need to get a place for myself very quickly.

I think I need more than the limit on this site of $500 as I need deposit money and first month's rent for my own place, but I know I am limited to $500. Anyway, I will take that money and put a deposit on a place for myself. I already have leads on three jobs back home and due to having lost my previous job as a result of it being through the work-study program and I can't do that job anymore because I graduated from college, I will file for unemployment as a safety net. I will also go to social services of my home county and see what kind of help they can offer me, however, that takes time. I have already contacted my school back home and will register on Tuesday of next week to take the needed class for my transfer degree. Please know I am not a lazy or unambitious person...I just am a victim of circumstances beyond my control and I need a little help. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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