single father needs temporary help to overcome a setback in finances

Requesting: $250

Location: Winter Haven, FL

hi I am a single father who just needs a little help I work full time but have run into a minor setback I work paycheck to paycheck to support me and my daughter needless to say when my truck broke down I had to get it fixed so I could remain working but the result of this is im behind on my electric water and truck payment not too mention I need groceries for me and my daughter im pretty desperate as you can see by my posting on here I just need a little help to get over this bump in the road and I will pay it forward once I get everything back right I hope someone can help me thank you in advance and god bless

ok so here it is im behind on my truck payment my electric and water bills and also in desperate need of groceries to feed my daughter and I my reason for being in this situation is my truck broke down and as that is my only means to get to work I had to get it fixed at the sacrifice of not paying my regular monthly bills I live paycheck to paycheck as it is this really set me back if you could find it in your heart to help a single dad out I would appreciate it I work full time so im not a bum I just hit a bump in the road and need a little help to get back on my feet

I am asking for 250 dollars if you could spare more that would be great my electic bill is 300 dollars past due and my water bill is 90 dollars past due not to mention I need a little groceries for myself and my daughter my truck payment is also past due but my main concern right now is electric and water and groceries as I said in my earlier paragraghs I do work full time but I live paycheck to paycheck so im not a bum looking for a hand out I just need a little help does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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