Grandmother In Need

Requesting: $350

Location: Cleveland, TN

Hello, I am trying to help my grandmother as she signed for me to get my utilities turned on back in November of last year. I had moved to Athens in January and requested the Utility Company to send me my last bill at my new address. I never received the bill and totally forgot about it honestly. Even though they had my phone number and new address and never sent me any type of statement, my grandmother now has a $566.00 bill {that is her's and mine combined}.

My last bill should have been about $346.I would put every bit of money donated towards her bill. I can make up mine later and if I have to do without I will. I care that she is warm and safe and has her bills paid before mine. She has taken very well care of me my entire life and now I feel small as an ant trying to help her for what has happened. I am working, but I now live by myself and have Rent and Utilities to pay {about $700 a month} on an income of only $1150 per month for now. I am enrolling in school to better my education so I may provide for her entirely when that time comes, but for now I need assistance.

As I Have said before I am now living in Athens and drive 3 times a week to help my grandmother do things around the house and I would go without long before she. I am needing the help to pay the bill I owe that has now turned over into her account! If any assistance can be donated it would be greatly appreciated & I am MORE than willing to pay anyone back as I get paid from tips and less than minimum wage. To whomever reads this I am not begging I am praying that you can help us. Please tell Cleveland utilities last name Tyler bill is $566.?? and tell them some type of information that I may repay you through. In Gods name we pray that you will be blessed everyday! Amen & Sincerely, Ms. Morgan for Ms. Tyler!!!! Thank you does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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