Emergency Rent Assistance

Requesting: $500

Location: Fredericksburg, VA

I am in need of financial assistance towards past due rent. I need this because I lost a job that paid my bills and left me with money in my bank account. I lost that job due to unavoidable circumstances with my son's health issues and that is why i come to you today.

I need 500.00 financial assistance towards my rent, so that I am able to catch up and keep a roof over my childrens heads. I need this so that I do not have to leave my home. Because if we do I dont know where we would go.

I got into this situation because I lost a descent job and had to go from meaningless job to meaningless job which never even helped me pay our bills. Between my health and my son who has a seizure disorder that he developed at about 9 onths (he is now two), I had to kept having to take off of work, when I never received to many hours anyway. I do not know where to turn. I went to the Salvation army, and I spoke to a lady in charge of the Barbara C Terry fund and she told me the funds where available but I would need to apply and when I did she stated that because I receive assistance from social services. I didnt qualify. I didnt understand but that is okay. I am just hoping and praying someone can help in any way! Thank you!

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