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Requesting: $500

Location: Swansea, SC

I am a single mother with two kids. I suffer with mental illness. I went to impatient therapy in Charleston for 5 months. I have improved so much. My son is Autistic. He is able to function at times, but has meltdowns and outbursts. He is also very hyper. I have been at my mother's for about a year now and I cant save money when I'm paying my mom and stepdad and for gas. I have a toxic relationship with my mother and stepdad. My dad killed himself 3 years ago and my mother has envied the bond I had with him. Everytime my son acts up there is a blowup towards me from my mother and stepdad. Then we are evicted until they decide they want us back. I am in tears and I need to get out of here. Yesterday, my son was in the ER bc of a meltdown on the schoolbus. On the way home, my mother said she won't can't handle it and I need to get out. I desperately need some help to get out of here so I can have a calm environment for my children. His anxiety is extreme and he acts out under pressure.

I really want housing so that I can have stability for my kids. I am motivated and willing. I just have no vehicle since my last was repossessed. I have no job since I live deep in the woods and I have no car. I need a place to go that is safe. I also need a car to be able to go back and forth to work. I have so many doctor's appointments for my son and myself that I will not be able to work fulltime. My son is very difficult, since he is smart and seems like a typical kid. People do not understand that he is lost and in his own world. He has multiple mental illnesses. I need guidance on how to be independent. I know that I need help in any way to get out of this house because it is so negative that its causing me and my son to go downhill. My kids' dads are both unemployed and I barely receive child support. Any help for a vehicle, a job, and a place to stay would be appreciated.Thank you.

My kids and I are in need of our own home. I need a vehicle to get to that point. I am being evicted from my mothers house and I need to have a way to get back and forth to work for me and my kids. I need to have something to start out with. I am a great mother. I do not drink, smoke cigarettes or anything. I am dedicated to caring for my special needs son and my toddler daughter. I supper from bipolar depression and anxiety myself. I deserve a chance. I do not want my children on the streets. I do not deserve to lose them. I want the help to get on my feet. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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