Family with 2 small children going to be homeless on the streets.

Requesting: $440

Location: Ringgold, GA

Me and my family have lived in the same spot for a year. I met my fiance when we were living in a homeless shelter. We got jobs and got a place of our own. I have two children a boy (age 4 and a girl age 6)Their father is in prison. I get no help. He abused me for years and both times I was pregnant. I left my job because the company treated their employees horrible and I couldnt take the stress any more and my fiance was working but the new thrid shift manager had issues with any one he couldnt boss around and treat badly. so he found a way to fire him. and he did. he was suppose to get a few days worth of a check and some how the company erased it so he didnt get a last check to pay a part of the rent. we pay 240 every 2 weeks. She will not show grace. She does not care. I had my daughters school pay 50 of the power bill, a church pay 130.99 and the sheriff office pay 50 just so they wouldnt cut off my power. I was going to start a new job on monday but they ran my credit( didnt tell me anything about it) and then after promising me the job denyed me. My fiance has to call to set up an interview next week but even if he gets the job it would be weeks before we would see any money. The land lord will start eviction this week. I have no where to go. No help. And if a miracle doesnt take place and they find out we are on the streets they will take my babies Im working so hard to protect.The money would pay for the week we are already behind. 2 weeks of rent, the afidavet for starting the eviction process and the late fee.

My kids have already been threw enough heart ache in there few years of life then most adults. They already feel out of place because they dont have a lot of things other kids have. This is NOT for me or my fiance. We can live in the truck. This is for my babies.I am all they have. This is keeping a roof over their heads. This is so they dont get snatched from me and thrown in the system. Im not asking for a hand out because Im lazy. I am just asking for a boost to keep a roof over their heads.just a little help till we start work and can get caught up.

If we could just get a little help, we can do he rest. The money will be spent on rent only. I have encountered being beat, moving around place to place. Lived on the streets and got my life together and was doing everything I was suppose to then everything completly fell apart. I havent asked for help like this the entire year I have lived here.I dont like asking for help. It makes me feel like a failure and my pride gets in the way. But this is not for me . This is for my family and my precious babies. does not verify individual user claims for accuracy. We are not responsible for content posted by individual users.

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