Highrisk Mommy 2 be needs your help

Requesting: $425

Location: Johnson City, TN

I am 8 months pregnant with a little boy, I moved into an apt back in feb that was infested with roaches and I later found out that there was bed bugs too. The ceiling leaked, and had black mold growing from it, both the kitchen sink and bathroom sink leaked to the point I had to always keep my water turned off. I gave them a heads up that I was going to move due to the baby will be here soon(maybe even sooner than I think) since I am on bedrest and he cant live in that environment.

I made the mistake of not signing a lease when I moved in so they didn't give me 30 days to move they gave me 6, so I will be able to pay first months rent or deposit in new NICE CLEAN apt but not both. Not to mention I have to replace all my furniture because I cant take the chances of bringing any critters with me into my new apt.

I ask you to please open your heart to us, this is hard for me to ask for help but I will do whatever it takes to make sure my son has a home to come home to, one that he deserves to be in.

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