Homeless & jobless student

Requesting: $300

Location: Little Rock, AR

Roughly 2 weeks ago i got laid off from my job for an unjust reason(which was seating a server that they thought had to many tables) i live with my sister and her family. My job was a host which only paid me lrss than 300.00 a month i did what i could with it and the rest of my bills i paid when tuition disbursements came. Well in between light bill came due i tried to make arrangements to pay but no luck the lights get cut off. Now sister is mad and says i have 2 weeks to get a nother job(which i am trying to find) if not im out and that will be soon. I don't want anything for me but simply want enough to pay the bill i owe so that they won't be stuck with what i owe when i go from her house. Where i will stay is up to God even if at shelter or under a bridge i will be ok i just want to pay what i owe do i can get my things and go. Thank You

I arrived at this situation trying to do the right thing by going to school and having a piece of job that didnt last now school may have to be put on hold then i will truly have nothing but will be ok just so long as i can pay what i owe.

All i need is 300.00 to pay light bill so i can get my things and leave since im being kicked out that is all i just want to do is pay the bill and go

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