Homeless couple and no one to ask for help

Requesting: $500

Location: Walcott, IA

We are in need of $500 for a hotel and gas to get to doctors appointments. We became homeless the day my husband lost his job which was on 10/29/2014 because he was managing a hotel and had to live on site. We gave up our home when he took this job because it sounded like the greatest opportunity. The money will be used to pay for gas to get to Iowa City to the hospital for test and surgery, food, and a hotel. My husband has filed for unemployment and we are waiting to see if he will get it. He is also applying for jobs daily as am I.

We are needing the $500 to get us to Iowa City for my medical test, surgery, food, and a hotel. Without this money we will not be able to get to the hospital and have to continue to sleep in our small single cab truck. My husband and I both have medical issues. My husband is diabetic and has short term memory loss due to a brain injury a little over a year ago. I have mental health issues as well as high blood pressure, damage to my esophagus from years of GERD, and a bleeding ulcer and I need to have one more test before they can schedule my surgery. Now that it is getting colder I am worried about hypothermia, frost bite and since my husband has diabetes he needs insulin and the insulin will freeze.

We are asking for $500 to get us to Iowa City for my medical test and surgery, food, and a hotel. Our plans for the future are to get our life back on track and pay it forward. We have never been in this situation before and never thought we would be. Neither one of us has any family and we have went down other avenues to try and get help and this is our last hope. Thank you

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